Require, import or include, name it as you wish but never forget the importance of modular design. This functionality enables you to divide your code into meaningful, purposeful and reusable modules enabling you to use your code as many times as you want and easing it’s maintenance. This functionality is supported in almost all modern programming languages like: […]

Emulating multilevel namespaces behavior in JavaScript shouldn’t be so complicated. We all know that namespacing in JavaScript is done by nesting objects. But for each nested object we have to check if it already exist so we wont overwrite it with the new object. This can happen if you write a lot of code and […]

For those who are used to Java and/or C++ it is weird that some functional languages like JavaScript and Python do not support function overloading. Even though I love dynamic functional  languages, the noted two are my favorite, I really miss this functionality, cause sometimes the functions are too small to pass variables in an […]

Sometimes it is really useful to know the datatypes, especially when it comes to iterating arguments passed to a function or accepting one argument of variable types, as we are going to see in some practical examples to come. As we know data types in JavaScript are not strict, they are the loosest ever and […]

Okay, here’s the short story for the question why!? I wanted the n900 so bad since I saw it was announced, cause I used the previous nxxx models and they kicked butt but all they missed was a goddamn phone. Sadly I’ve got it several years later cause it was too goddamn expensive! Anyways I fiddled […]