Salutations towards you dear wide world,
To all of you who live in constant paradox of life. I am Stamat.

I am a Software Engineer.

Very fluent in JavaScript / HTML / CSS, PHP and Python with a focus towards design and development of User Interfaces.

I also have a sense for graphic design.

Next to Software Engineering, Design and Development, my true passion is Psychology in a direction of Intelligence, Cognition and Education. I always tend to combine my passions to create software and hardware to help people advance their life and better themselves.

Now that I’m older I like to fulfill my childhood wishes and dreams. Some of these dreams got me to take my profession, so fulfilling your childhood dreams for me was very rewarding. I guess there is nothing better than making your inner child happy, and sharing it with my little brothers, sisters and hopefully my kids someday.

Nice to meet you!


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